All prices are based on double occupancy. There is a $10 charge for each additional adult.

Cabin Capacity Nightly Rate Weekly Rate
First Cabin 1-4 $120 $770
Rock House 2-12* $140 $850
Goodman Cabin B&B 2 $90 $450
Goodman Cabin
(limited basis)
2-8 $210 $1200
Old Log Cabin 1-2 $80 $400
Kitchen Cabin Groups** $20/day*** n/a

Updated Rental Policy

  1. March 15 - Nov. 1, on weekends (Friday or Saturday) single night rentals will have a surcharge. $30 for the First Cabin and $50 for the Rock House. If a request is made for the other night, then the surcharge will be refunded.
  2. Overnight Guests are welcome to have other guests visit during the day and evening. However, we request that you inform us in advance of their arrival. A day usage charge of $10/ person will apply.
  3. *Rock House nightly rates apply to 1-4 guests, the $10 per additional guest will apply to each additional guest.
  4. ** Rental fee to large groups that utilize Kitchen for cooking and eating during the stay. No charge for regular recreational use.
  5. *** Day use rental fee to large groups. Pricing is per person and seasonal. Minimum of $75/day. Please consult with Susie.
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